How SEO Has Changed

One of the reasons that running and promoting a website is so exciting is the constant change. We’re standing at the cutting edge of modern information sharing, a quick look at websites and expert techniques & strategies used in SEO Singapore from just a few years ago reveals how things have changed. It’s essential that anyone who wants their site to succeed takes the time to examine how things are changing so that they can prepare for what’s coming. Here are just a few of the ways SEO has changed and how these changes will impact the near future.

 Web traffic has continued to go mobile. Just look around you, more and more people are hooked into the internet everywhere they go. Tablets and smartphones are recreating the desktop internet experience on the streets, in restaurants and everywhere else you can imagine. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile browsing then you aren’t change that as soon as possible. Mobile internet users aren’t a niche group anymore, and there are now so many tools out there to help you generate a mobile version of your site that you really have no excuse if you are serious about succeeding online.

Google has once again unleashed a sizable update upon the SEO resellers world and internet marketing experts are still trying to figure out how to react to Google Hummingbird. This update changed the way Google does searches on a fundamental level. It continued the push for searches that better meet the needs of Google users, going beyond keywords to the meaning behind search phrases. This more conversational approach is another move on Google’s part to encourage anyone with a website to focus on meeting the needs of their users rather than spending too much energy chasing after keywords. If you want to succeed online in 2013 and beyond you have to focus on creating great content first, because with every update like hummingbird we’re going to see people either moving in this direction or falling behind.

The SEO industry is growing. More and more companies are increasing their online marketing budgets. It’s clear that across pretty much every industry people are realizing how powerful a strong internet presence is. This means that across the board keywords and niches are getting more competitive. Even if you’re on top today there’s no guarantee that you’ll be there a few months down the road now that people are starting to understand the power these rankings have. Once again, if you’re serious about succeeding online, you have to be ready to push forward, investing the time and money it takes to reach the top and fortify your position.

These examples just scratch the surface of what’s happened in the SEO world. A book could be written on the subject. The overall theme is that search engines and the people using them are getting more sophisticated when it comes to online searches. It’s getting harder and harder to get to the top, but these rankings are more valuable than ever. As long as you’ve got a great website that has what people needs and you take SEO seriously then the future will look bright.